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Artificial Grass - Astro Turf

posted 24 Sep 2013, 07:38 by Flooring Supplies
     'AstroTurf is a brand of artificial turf. The original AstroTurf product was a short-pile synthetic turf. 
     The prime reason to incorporate AstroTurf on game fields was to avoid the cost of laying               
     natural turf, especially indoors.' Wikipedia

Artificial grass has come a long way since QPR were getting laughed at for using something other than grass for their  football pitch. 

RGN Flooring is now stocking artificial grass suitable for gardens and outside areas. Available in several thickness and grades.
We can also point you towards recommended fitters and installers.

RGN Floring Supplies has all the profiles and finishing edges to help make your fake grass installation safe and long lasting.